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Real estate taxes are billed semi-annually with due dates in February and July.

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Interest charges are placed on the tax rolls on August 1st and December 1st of each year. Note: You must first pay any past-due taxes to qualify for this plan. Note: You must first pay any past-due taxes to qualify for this program. Please keep in mind that as a new property owner, Ohio law requires that you be responsible for the timely payment of taxes on your property.

None may be forthcoming. Make it a matter of your personal attention and responsibility to find out what taxes are due and owed by you, as required by law.

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In a normal closing, current year taxes are usually pro-rated at the time of closing, based on the number of calendar days each party held ownership during the tax year. Pro-ration is a matter strictly between the parties involved.

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The Treasurer cannot adjust the taxes. The amount that is shown on the tax bill is the amount due by the party determined at the close of escrow. Check your title papers to see if you were credited or debited an amount for the time during the year you owned the property.

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Avoid Penalties! Make sure that you receive bills for all parcels that you own. Please return promptly to this office any bill that you are not legally bound to pay, giving this office information so that the bills might be forwarded to the proper person.

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We can offer payment plans to help you pay your delinquent taxes and avoid possible foreclosure. Ohio Revised Code Required Notices: Notice: If the taxes are not paid within one year from the date they are due, the property is subject to foreclosure for tax delinquency.

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There are many variables that influence the market value of a property other than comparable sales. These variables include amongst others, interest rates, cost of land acquisition, construction and material costs. On the third year update, between the six-year reappraisal cycle, the values are established based on a comparable sales evaluation.

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Click on one of the links below to view a short video on the reappraisal process. Video in. WMA windows media Video in.

MOV quicktime. A deed transfer must be completed in order for a transfer to be considered a legal transaction. The Auditor is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of these records.

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In order to transfer a property, a Conveyance form is required in addition to the deed. When the forms are completed, the deed is then taken to the Allen County Recorder's Office Allen County Courthouse, Room where it is legally recorded. For additional information regarding transfer of ownership, please visit the Conveyance page. A new survey is conducted for the effected parcels. Services

Once the split is approved, the property will then be conveyed and recorded. For additional information regarding combining properties and splits, please visit the Conveyance page. Senate Bill 78 or better known as the Farmland Preservation Act is a law that every farmland owner needs to be aware of.